Hothfield Manor

The former country seat of Lord Hothfield

By Chris Rogers

At the heart of the 350 acre Hothfield Place estate stood the Manor, or Mansion.  The Reverend Harry W Russell was the vicar of Hothfield until his death in 1903.  He carried out extensive research of the Parish of Hothfield and writes about the current manor, in his day, as the second manor.  The first manor, he said, was an 'E' shaped structure further north-east of the later manor.  Sadly we don't have any records or pictures of the first manor, and we're not exactly sure where it stood.

The second manor, however, has been much photographed and we have copies of the floor plans.  This mansion was thought to have been designed by Samuel Wyatt and was completed in 1780.  This was a Grade II Listed building but sadly demolished in 1954.  During its life the manor was extended at both ends and a porch added at the main entrance.  For a short period the manor had a veranda on the southern face.  In typical Victorian style the formal lawns were laid on the northern side, with the estate's park and grazing up to the southern side.

These photos show the porch and main entrance, as well as various sides of the manor.  Only the ballustrade exists today which is within the Park which is farmed by the owner of Home Farm.  The site of the building itself is now a private woodland with little trace of the manor itself.

Please search our on-line archive for more images of Hothfield Manor and the Hothfield Place estate.

Photo:The south porch and carriage entrance

The south porch and carriage entrance

Published by Goulden and Wind, Ashford

Photo:The plain south facade of the mansion

The plain south facade of the mansion

Publisher unknown

Photo:North face of the manor and formal lawns

North face of the manor and formal lawns

unknown publisher

Photo:Another view of the formal lawns and entrance

Another view of the formal lawns and entrance

Published by Sweetman

Photo:All that remains is part of the front ballustrade

All that remains is part of the front ballustrade

Chris Rogers, 2008

Site of the former Hothfield Manor, now a privately-owned wood

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Is it known whether any records of those employed at Hothfield Manor might have survived ?

By April Ashton
On 13/09/2021

Can anyone tell me whether any of the  employment - of staff - records for Hothfield Manor have survived or, indeed any records regarding the upkeep of the estate ?   This may seem a big ask, but many receipts for such work undertaken at SmallHythe - owned by the late Ellen Terry -  remain in existence, and similar records have been identified for other large houses in England. I would appreciate local advice, as I live out of area. Thank you.

April Wood Ashton- with ancestral roots firmly planted in Hothfield!

By April Ashton
On 08/10/2021

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